Finally in Copenhagen!

I made it to Copenhagen in one piece – thank goodness. Traveling/flying is always hard but this one was particularly difficult because I didn’t know where I was going half of the time. I thought I’d have enough time to eat, relax and explore bit of Iceland but I ended up falling a sleep for a few hors and since nothing was open at the airport (even at 2pm), starved throughout. With lack of wifi, I barely made it to my host’s house but I arrived and was fed :).

We then explored the neighborhood. I’m currently staying at the north of Amager, which is close to the airport and the heart of the city. I got to experience a little bit of Danish college student grocery shopping and we walked around for an hour – it was cold but definitely cool to see how different things are from what I’m used to!

Now I’m getting ready to go out and explore. My Spotify is playing Danish ads while I get ready… haha.

On My Way Home: 23 hours of traveling

Going to start by saying, I’m not a fan of flying. Plane rides are no fun. I left JFK at 1pm (EST) on Tuesday and by the time I got to Cambodia, it was 12pm (EST) on Wednesday (exactly 20 hours of flying and 3 hours of layover in Seoul). Not to mention, Cambodia is 11 hours ahead so I basically lost all of Wednesday.

I usually knock-out and sleep through the whole plane ride but I couldn’t sleep at all this trip. So I slept a total of 4 hours, watched 4 movies, listened to my playlist (put together by this awesome person!) at least 10 times, read my book and every single word in the Cosmo June edition.

I don't usually eat food on the plane but I really wanted some wine -- Steak with red wine

First They Killed My Father - which I finally picked up after years and years of consideration and avoidance. I wanted to wait until I could fully appreciate it and this book definitely helped me prep for my summer trip - reminding me and teaching me about Cambodia - the place I call home yet know so little of.

The Korean airport was like a theme park - they had people in traditional costumes putting on shows all over the airport for tourists!

This was called a Naver Cube. Naver is like the Google of Korea and here, there were comfy couches and tables with all different types of laptops for people to use -- for FREE!

The plane ride from Korea to Cambodia was a little over 5 hours. After a 15-hour flight, 5 hours is a joke! While waiting for the plane, I couldn’t help but notice the significant increase in number of Cambodians traveling.

Anyway, I’m just glad that I don’t have to worry about flying and being on a plane for 3 months. Thank god!