The places you go, the people you meet: Copenhagen

My 3 days in Copenhagen went by super fast. I thought it would be enough time to get to know the city and see everyone I wanted to but I wish I had more time in Copenhagen. The city was absolutely beautiful and there was a lot to see/do. The best part about my time in Copenhagen though, was the new and old friends I got to meet. The best thing about traveling is the people and the memories you share with them. I was happy to see old friends who shared some of my fondest childhood memories. Even though I didn’t see them for 6+ years, it didn’t feel weird at all. Time went by super fast reminiscing about the old times while we were making new memories.

IMG_5125 IMG_5127 IMG_5084 IMG_5140 IMG_5134

Thank for the amazing time, Daniel, Michala and Vlad. Your hospitality made my stay in Copenhagen extra special. Hope to see all of you again soon! For those of you that I didn’t get to see on this trip, hope I get to see/meet you in the near future.

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Finally in Copenhagen!

I made it to Copenhagen in one piece – thank goodness. Traveling/flying is always hard but this one was particularly difficult because I didn’t know where I was going half of the time. I thought I’d have enough time to eat, relax and explore bit of Iceland but I ended up falling a sleep for a few hors and since nothing was open at the airport (even at 2pm), starved throughout. With lack of wifi, I barely made it to my host’s house but I arrived and was fed :).

We then explored the neighborhood. I’m currently staying at the north of Amager, which is close to the airport and the heart of the city. I got to experience a little bit of Danish college student grocery shopping and we walked around for an hour – it was cold but definitely cool to see how different things are from what I’m used to!

Now I’m getting ready to go out and explore. My Spotify is playing Danish ads while I get ready… haha.