Dose of Inspiration: Growing requires you to get out of your comfort zone.

You cannot grow and be comfortable at the same time because growing requires you to get out of your comfort zone.
I get a lot of inspiration from my yoga classes. This particular quote was from Erica, one of my favorite yoga instructors in Boston (if you are in Boston and need a dose of inspiration and a kick for your abs, go now)! I heard this quote when I was stressed out about the idea of leaving and going towards what others would see as ‘not normal.’ My heart was telling me that going after what I want to do is the right thing to do while my mind was sending red signals to my brain telling me that it was a crazy idea and that I should just stick to what I know how to do – and to be completely honest, part of me was scared to leave.
The reason I love yoga or any other sports or dance for that matter, is that it teaches you to get out of your comfort zone. I first fell in love with sports when I was 14. I have always been the creative/musical type, loved everything art, played in a jazz band, sang in choirs, etc. Anything that required me to use my non-existant athletic skills, I stayed far away from – until, our basketball coach saw us doing nothing after school one day and made us come try out. To my surprise, I got into the team and since then, I’ve tried any sports I could – not just a hobby but with passion. Basketball, soccer, all types of dances, yoga, kickboxing, the list goes on. The more I challenged myself physically, the more I realized I could get out of my comfort zone and it usually led to better things, made me a better person.
That’s how things are in yoga and in life – at least that’s how I look at it. As I sat at the beginning of class wondering whether the decision I made was crazy and unnecessary, I was just worried about leaving the familiarity and going into the life of unpredictability, something I am not comfortable with at all. But, at the end of the class, I knew that nothing new is comfortable (like my new boots that still kill my feet) and in order for me to go beyond where I am now, I need to get out of my comfort zone.
So, thanks Erica for the awesome inspiration. Check out her class schedule on her Facebook page

Not quite kickboxing but sweatboxing is just as fun!

If you remember from far, far, back, I did kickboxing in Cambodia back in July last year. I had always wanted to take a boxing class but never really went out of my way to find one. My sister dragged me to a class once and I had a lot of fun. I went a few times but couldn’t seem to carry it on in Boston.

Recently, I purchased a few class passes to a Sweatbox class – not knowing at all what it is. Haha. But it sounded fun and I really wanted to try it. It’s a program designed specifically for women that mixes hip hop, boxing and a bit of gymnastics too. I used to teach a few Taebo (Taekwondo-boxing) classes back in high school and I thought it would be somewhat similar.

I went for the first time last Monday and I have my second class today. I would say… yes, it’s somewhat similar to Taebo but more hip hop – which I LOVE since I also used to dance hip hop for a few years. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone in Boston. It’s $15 cash for drop in.. you can buy 5 classes for $60 and 11 classes for $120. Check out the rates here.

Class is definitely difficult. K.L., the instructor will make you work! But it’s such a nice break from yoga. Last week, I did a sweatbox class and a few yoga classes throughout the week and it was perfect!

If you are in and around Boston and want some active & fun class to go to, check out! Also, check out the video below to see what sweat-box is like.. of course, I can’t do any of the stuff they do in the video and there is no way I will be able to any time soon but you kinda get the idea of what style it is.

Friday Fantasy

I always talk about how you should appreciate the present and your current surroundings.. see the beauty in what’s around you and indulge on every aspect of it… not to think about the future and enjoy the moment. YET! I realize I’m always fantasizing about what’s out there and where I could visit in the future… kind of making it sound like I dread being here. But that’s not true.. and I realized how much I haven’t explored Boston and appreciated the great things to do here/places to visit because I was busy thinking about other places that I don’t know if I’ll get to visit any time soon. So today, I fantasize… locally! ;)

Just in time for graduation season, here are my top 5 Boston bucketlist that maybe you can use too!

1) Go on a nice cruise – again. When I first came to Boston with my parents, we stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel by the harbor. I fell in love with Boston instantly (that neighborhood is NOT Allston) and that’s how Boston is in my head (a little muddled by visiting a few other neighborhoods but Boston’s still very pretty in my head). When I get stressed or upset, I go to the harbor and remember the time my parents and I went on the sunset cruise. It may be a memory-related thing but seeing as how I love boats and the water… going on a cruise sounds very lovely. Since I did the sunset cruise (may get pretty chilly if you don’t go during summer), I wanna do some of the other harbor cruises which you can find on Boston Harbor Cruise. You can buy tickets online or at the booth but you may want to purchase beforehand during busy tourist seasons. The one I want to try the most is the Weekend Brunch Cruise.

2) Visit Cape Cod. People are always surprised when I tell them that I’ve been in Boston for 4 years and still haven’t been to Cape Cod. I don’t have a car.. nor friends with cars so it makes it really hard for me to go to places that are out of the city and unreachable by public transportation. I would love to go though. I’ve been to Rockport and Martha’s Vineyard which were both very charming but I would definitely love to visit the Cape very soon. The picture below is from Pearls on a String‘s blog post “provincetown {loving the cape cod life}.” Check out her post for some pretty pics of Cape Cod!

3) Watch a Boston sports game. I’m more of a sports player than a watcher. I’ve played a lot of sports in high school and was team captain for soccer and basketball for a few years. Since our school was international, we really didn’t pay attention to baseball or hockey (hot climate) or football. So, I’m not all that interested in those sports. However, Boston is a city full of sports fans and I sometimes feel like I’m missing out. I’ve definitely seen some college games and watched games on TV but I know that going to a game is a different experience – whether you enjoy that sports or not. I do blame the lack of interest for not going to one but I’ll definitely try to make time to go soon.. for now, my top choices are the Celtics (because I understand basketball), the Bruins (because hockey is kind of like soccer) and baseball (last because I HATED playing softball in high school even though I’m sure baseball is very different.. haha).

Photos from Business Insider & Celtics Blog.

4) Go to the top of John Hancock Observation Deck. Someone recently told me about how… even though the roads in Boston look like they are all over the place and have no pattern to them whatsoever, if you go on top of the observation deck, you will see how orderly everything is located. It’s different when you see the bigger picture. I’ve been on some highrises but I really want to go up to the Observation Deck when the sun is setting so I can see Boston both in in light and dark. BUT! Here’s the twist.. John Hancock’s Observation Deck has been closed since 9/11.. So.. it will be something that I keep fantasizing about (I tricked ya! ;) haha). Meanwhile.. there is an observation deck at the Prudential Center, the second tallest building in Boston. So.. yea, I’ll go to that instead. Check out more info on Prudential’s Skywalk Observatory here.

Photos from &

5) Do a Museum tour. I’ve been to the Science Museum and the Children’s museum in Boston.. and that’s about it. I realized how much I focus on going to museums in other cities (I went to DC to go see the Smithsonian and couldn’t wait to get to New York to visit the MoMa).  BUT I never really paid attention to the ones that are just a few T stops away from me like the Museum of Fine ArtsIsabella Gardner Museum or ICA. There are so many wonderful museums here. So.. a museum tour is in order this summer! Here is a full list of Museums in Boston.

Photo from Curated

What are some things that are on your Boston Bucketlist? For those of you that are graduating, Congratulations!! :)